Obscurity over Disappointment, 2014

This installation is based on the endeavours of amateur color theorist Emily Vanderpoel (1842 - 1939). In her book “Color Problems: a Practical Manual for the Lay Student of Color” (1902) she ends with a series of color plates analysing a variety of objects from her exotic private collection of artefacts. How this analysis took place, or what the method consisted of, continues to be obscure.
Alongside the reworking of these analysis, a vitrine with a series of tiny sculptures is shown, representing an overview of different color models throughout history.

Detail (40x70cm *4), porcelain plaster casts, glassfiber, sanddust, graphite

Detail (50x100cm), acrylic vitrine, steel, chalkpaint, linnen, wood

Installation view (dimensions variable)

Benham's Top (dia 22cm), acrylic, rotating disc, motor, mdf, paper

Installation view (dimensions variable)

Detail, PE Foam, pine wood, porcelain plaster

Pumping Intuition, 2013/2014

This ongoing project is based on a selection of thought experiments from the fields of philosophy, ethics and science. The experiments focus on contemplating a particular theory or problem. The difficulty is that they're not devised to actually be carried out, but draw up a hypothetical situation to which a singular answer cannot be given.
Kok argues that they fundamentally undermine the principle of objective knowledge, because as soon as you reflect on a case study, an appeal is made to your subjective powers of imagination. The experiment takes place in your private thoughts and therefore touches upon the fundamental question of whether knowledge is able to exist independent of ourselves.

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framed photograph (100x50cm)

'Omdat het witte vlak te veel was', Videostills (1920x1080)

Silkscreens (120x70cm)