Manual for Prospecting, 2010

The ongoing project "Manual for Prospecting" is a series of studies exploring the possible autonomy of the model. In order to assay the representative and reconstructive traditions of the scientific model, the Manual for Prospecting series directs to the poetic, narrative and material potential of the model and hence creates an autonomous existence without being representative or reconstructive.

The objects rely on stylistic appearance and subtle absurdity from which unexpected narrative structures emerge. Simultaneously the precision of the objects and their placing pretend to have an underlying logical system or theory which causes the former absurd and autonomous objects to become falsely representative. Manual For Prospecting tries to confront the spectator with the evident persuasiveness of scientific models by approaching them from a entirely different angle.

Neotenous Interaction, Full HD Video, 2009

Grinder - Dipole Analogy 2; Energy, Entropy, Volume, 2009

Interaction Minarets on Graphite Surface, 2009